Friday, January 4, 2013

Saying goodbye to something that I love

Saying goodbye is never easy. It is sad and disappointing. But whenever you say goodbye it also mean that you are welcoming a new thing, opportunities or person in your life. You may wondering why I'm saying this but let me explain more for you to understand.

For all of my readers, you may know that I have been blogging for about 7 (seven) months. It's quite a wonderful experience to me. Going to events and meeting other people. Belonging to a group called Bloggers And Readers Community at Facebook and being invited by Lycah De Leon @LyStyleProject was the best thing that happened to me in my short time as a blogger. They were very supportive of what I do and I'm sure that they view and read my blog.

Blogging is fun but hard because not everyone is interested on what you are doing. Some may even get annoyed on what I'm doing. But I'm very blessed to have people that view and support my blog. I'm grateful and thankful to all of my readers that have been supporting me.

But now I'm saying Goodbye to Blogging. Yes you heard it right. I will stop blogging (maybe for now). The reason is that I will focus more on my personal life, my family and my work. Actually I can managed to do it all at the same time, but this year I promised to FOCUS more, Achieve more and Stop wasting my time.

I also want to inform you that I will be studying and researching about my plan for this year. I hope that once it is out you will be able to support me. Yes I will not blog for a while but it doesn't mean I'm out from the social media. I will still be active on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. To all my fellow bloggers and my favorite bloggers. I will promise to visit,read and continue supporting your blogs.

So goodbye for now, and see you all again soon!!!!

XoXo, Trixie Manlangit

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Florals and Long Lashes

This is what I wore on a SunDate and Church day with Razzi. I really love this Floral Dress that I bought at Bloggers united 4 at World trade center. It very simple yet the prints of the dress gives feminity to whoever wores it. 
Since the dress is very simple, I decided to wear a neon green necklace to add a pop of color as well as giving my outfit a youthful vibe.
then wore my neon Pink jelly shoes to spice up my whole outfit and also to make my legs look longer.
Don't you just love how my eyelashes curls and how long it is? By the way mine is real and natural, no falsies needed(thank God for good genes!hahaha) but in Order to put my lashes in order and to enhance it, I need a  Mascara that is mild to my lashes and not causing it to fell off. 
One pretty Good suggestion and base from my experience, Don't Buy WATERPROOF Mascara, Why? Because It is very difficult to be remove and It makes my eyelashes fell off.(boohoo!:-( )
Now for my Make Up finds, I'm loving this The Face Shop mascara that I bought while It was on SALE.
Its Very Useful and Just Applying one coat, It will Immediately lengthens your lashes. I even think I look like a Korean In it!(^_^)v puing puing!

My Outfit: Dress- Kashieca but bought from Ana Gonzales at Bloggers United 4, 
Neon Necklace- bought from Ava Te of Artsy Fartsy Ava
 Jelly Shoes-Fashion Market,Market Market,

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Trixie Manlangit

Friday, December 21, 2012

Star of The Night!

Hi! Its almost Christmas and I am really excited about it! I'll be giving gifts to my family and love ones, hopefully they will love my gift. Hmm,.will I receive anything this Christmas?  To be Honest, I am just really happy that I am so blessed this year that all I wanted is to share blessings to other people. So in this post I'll show you what I wore for our School Christmas party! and Luckily I was nominated as Star of the night(hence the title)
I Decided to wear this Blue Mullet dress from Tomato PH. Mullet Dress were very popular early this year that almost every one wears it and every stores have different designs for it.  What I love in this Tomato PH Mullet dress is that it is made up of Jersey clothing that making it easy to wear and flows when you walk. 
I wore a belt in my waist to give some illusion of a tiny waist(which apparently I don't have,hehehe I mean SOON I will have it, let us pass the Christmas and New year first.hahaha)
Then I  wore this sky high heels from People Are People to give some height and also to show some fierceness in the whole outfit .
 At First I can't really decide whether to put my hair up in a bun or put it down. But I think I look better with my hair down bring out the curly waves in my hair.

Below are some photos with my fellow Non teaching Personnel. All of us were  prepped and made up for the party because this year We want to stand out and not looked down. Some of my officemates were styled by me and I let them use some of my things.
Here with Ate Grace Echano, I styled her and I let her borrowed my Spikes Necklace, My belt and my Jelly Shoes. She looks so sexy and pretty right? =)
Then Here with Ate Cherry, I also styled her, curled her hair and let her borrow my dress. She stand out from us with her fair complexion and towering height making her win the title "STAR OF THE NIGHT". I'm so Proud of her!
Mi amigas (My friends) doing some Blogger post
My Outfit: Mullet Dress- Tomato PH/ Necklaces bought from Artsy Fartsy Ava when I went to Bloggers United 4 HERE/ Shoes- People are people
My first Christmas Party at my work was really fun and I am really happy to be sharing my love for fashion and beauty with them by Styling and Dressing them up.

Remember that we are celebrating Christmas to remember that Jesus Christ died for our sins to save us. And God brought him here in Earth to live with us. Jesus Christ is The Star Of the Night!

May Everyone have A Merry Christmas!
Love you ALL!

Trixie Manlangit